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Turning dreams into realities

So here I am.

It's Saturday night and I've finally put pen to paper (or more appropriately, fingers to keyboard, but that's FAR less poetic!) on my very first blog post.

I know what you're thinking - as if the world needs yet another fashion blogger! The truth is this is something I should have done a long time ago. I'm notorious for coming up with ideas and not following them through and I've tried this once before. I decided the best part of 10 years ago that I was going to start a blog. That's right, I would have been one of the first! I chose a name, made a basic blog page on WordPress and even penned a few style advice articles on a) taking your summer favourites through to winter using nothing but tights – because anyone who was anyone wore shorts with tights and boots as standard back in the indie days and b) on elevating a simple outfit with statement accessories. I was 100% obsessed with a Zebra print bow collar at the time and wore it with just about anything I could get away with. Amazingly enough, that exact photo came up on my Facebook memories TODAY. That’s right; today. Mad right?!

So here it is –

My sister and me circa 2009 - indie girl shaggy hair, bright pink dress, zebra print bow around my neck and star print tights!

(My sister is going to kill me)

Thankfully my hairstyle has improved quite dramatically however I stand by that pink cap sleeve dress with that, quite frankly, fabulous zebra print bow and star print tights! My tastes might have shifted – I no longer wear pink or cap sleeved dresses – but the sentiment still resonates. Accessories are everything.

I digress.

The reason for this post is that I am finally embarking on a long dreamt about project because I have the confidence and the support network to be able to do it. I have a (not so) little group of ladies called the Business Sorority to thank for it.

Put on the spot after a cocktail masterclass in Revs De Cuba, Manchester by Sorority Founder, Heather Gray, to get the evenings’ personal development task underway I was asked what dream I would like to make a reality. Like I said, I’d had a couple of generously measured cocktails, very little food and it felt like a safe place to explore this idea with a group of Manchester’s most driven and successful young ladies, so I blurted out that I wanted to start a fashion blog. We came up with a plan and the girls (very kindly) pointed out that the only thing truly stopping me, was me.

Less than 2 months on and the website is live! It’s been an arduous couple of months for me personally and so I’m proud to have achieved something I’m willing to share with the world despite all the hurdles. Writing for me, like for most people, is massively cathartic and I’m excited to share my love of fashion, particularly on how to look good on a budget. I went through a period where I had VERY little cash left over every month and so if I ever wanted to treat myself it was strictly charity shops and Primark only. I thought it was something I should be a bit ashamed of at first but it turns out that I get the most compliments on an outfit when I’m wearing my cheapest items of clothing. Win!

I’d also like to use my little corner of the internet to share my favourite places to eat, to take you along on my travels and perhaps even recommend some beauty products because I champion the high street for those too!

Congrats if you made it this far down my Saturday night ramble! I do hope you decide to stick around. I’m off to catch up on the new season of Riverdale and eat an entire bag of Haribo Cherries … and I’m not even sorry!

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