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Pattern clashing with chilly Sunday vibes

Sunday is without doubt my favourite day of the week.

Sundays for me mean lie-ins, Costa coffee and (typically) an Italian with my faves. Or else it's hangovers, Costa coffee, long walks and a carvery. Either way I'm a happy gal.

Me in Festival Gardens, Liverpool

This weekend there was no hangover, nor Italian restaurant. I, along with half of Manchester have been brought down by this horrific plague of flu-like symptoms - hence no hangover. But who am I to break my own traditions?!

As my usual plans with the faves (my sister Katie & my Dad) were cancelled and the flu kept me in bed until brunch time, the hangover Sunday kicked in regardless.

One plus to the lack of hangover was that for THIS walk to the lovely Festival Gardens in Liverpool I actually considered what I'd pulled out of the wardrobe so we took a couple of snaps for you.


Pattern Clashing

"It looks beautiful on leggy models in designer gear gracing the pages of a glossy magazine, but it's definitely not for me."

Sound familiar?

I used to think that way too. But not everyone needs to be a leggy super model OR own designer gear to make a pattern clash work. I have two key tips when it comes to trying the favourite trend of any instagrammer/fashion blogger.


Tip #1

Use a stripe like a neutral.

Certain patterns are easier to wear together than others. In fact, some look so classic together that they don't even look like they clash anymore.

Apologies for the low lighting in the photos - I know it's making it tough to see the different patterns but I promise you the sweatshirt is white with a navy stripe! Pairing a stripe with a floral / paisley is a sure fire way to make sure your patterns are striking but wearable.


Tip #2

Be mindful of your colour palette!

If you're going mis-matched with your patterns the easiest way to style it is to make sure it's all in complimentary hues.

Save colour clashing for a separate outfit ... you'll thank me, I promise!

We're talking wearable tones in different patterns. Like my outfit in these pictures: white and navy striped H&M jumper (similar here) and velvet scarf print skater skirt from Hollister (similar here) in gorgeous jewel tones = pattern clash success!

Throw in a matching blanket scarf and headwear in this seasons fave fabric, faux fur, and you're on to a warm and snuggly winner.

Perfect for a stroll through the park just before dusk to help clear those cobwebs after a heavy night out. A Christmas Costa helps with that too ...



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